Introducing Oh Gosh Silver

You might recall earlier this year I posted about a new
hobby I had found myself – silver smithing. Well, I’ve been at it for a while
now, and I’ve decided to start selling a few bits that I make to help fund more
time in the jewellery studio. Silver smithing is not a cheap hobby by any means
and post cancer Emma works 4 days a week to help cope with the fatigue I’m
still feeling, so I don’t want to reach a point where I am struggling to afford
to be able to carry on doing it, and as I am fast running out of fingers and
arm space to wear the things I’ve made, I thought I’d start trying to make a
little bit extra money from it!
I wasn’t sure whether to write about it here as I’ve
mentioned it on social media quite a bit, but today I listed my first item – a replica
of a ring that I made myself in the summer – and it felt like it might be the
right time to do it.
I didn’t really want to set up an Etsy store as I’m not sure
exactly how often I’ll be listing things, and having a shop front sitting empty
if I didn’t have anything to list felt a little silly, so I’ve take a leaf out
of Littlevaseco’s book and I’ve set myself up a new Instagram to share all my
jewellery related posts and to run sales through until I know what I want to be
doing with this new found love.
If you haven’t already seen me harping on about it on Twitter and
Instagram, you can find my shiny new account here – OhGoshSilver!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been umming and ahhhhing about
packaging and business cards, and pricing. Last week my tutor Emmie helped me work out my costs and
showed me how to set my prices and I got myself in gear and ordered everything,
so now I am set up to sell. As I mentioned above, my first item, a ring I’ve
made because I got so many complements on the one I made myself, is live on
there for sale now, and I do have a couple of other bits to list too – I’m just
trying to figure out the best way to photograph them.  
It’s been a bit of a learning curve as it turns out a bangle
I made last week is actually too heavy to sell as sterling silver (it’s 13grams
and it needs to be under 7.78grams), without being hallmarked, and right now I
don’t have the spare £90 to get myself an account with the assays office – so I’ll
be squirrelling that one away for the future!
I’d love it if you could take a peek, let me
know what you think of the stuff I’m making and also, if you have any tips on
how to sell through Instagram – I am all ears!

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