Crafternoon – Jewellery Making

Last weekend I held a little crafting session for my friends – a little jewellery making. I am trying to make them monthly – if life doesn’t get in the way. 

It had started to get a little warm so I channelled my inner Whisk Kid and made some light, bright, summer treats only for it to get cold on the day! I made her Lemon Cookies, but used some of my christmas Limoncello to make the ‘frosting’ {I have no idea how Kaitlin gets her frosting so neat} and also her Grapefruit Cake. I’ve baked with lemons before but never with grapefruit. And oh my that grapefruit cake was amazing. In fact the lemon cookies were amazing too. Before this summer is out, you should try them both. We had elderflower cordial and pink lemonade to wash it down. 

And for the crafting  I put out an array of bead, and wires
and cords and findings. Lots of bright beads, and lots of them in turquoise and
even more types of shells with clasps and closures and pliers and then just let
my friends go for it. Stringing beads it pretty self-explanatory so there wasn’t
much learning involved but that meant we had more time to chat and eat, but  I made a little bracelet with a silver heart
on it, one with my inspiration taken from this and a super simple necklace for
the summer using my shells.

There isn’t a date set as of
yet, but I am hoping the next session will be carving ink stamps. So if you are
in Sheffield would like to come along please get in touch on ohgoshem at and I’ll keep you updated on dates – it is usually a Sunday afternoon.
I am not, nor are the other attendee’s, experts in any of this – we just kind
of make it up as we go along. I make sure there are treats and drinks for
everyone, but just ask that people cover the cost of the materials, and as we’re
buying for 5-10 people it makes it cheaper that purchasing for one!


  1. Cakes and crafting!! It doesn't get much better than that does it?! Looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon 😀 xx

  2. Thank you ladies. It is definitely a good way to spend an afternoon. And the setting up is pretty fun too! xo

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