Camping with Dogs – the Essentials!

We’ve been camping with Flash since he was tiny so we’re all pretty used to life in a tent together and this means we’ve got the ‘holiday packing’ we need to do for him down to a T! Obviously we pack his basket so I’ve not included it here, but there are some other bits that we take every time we go away in the tent (and a lot of time just when we’re off visiting friends) with him. 

I love that camping means we get to take him on a fun holiday where he can be outside, and we don’t have to worry about finding pet friendly accommodation either. The site we’re currently at in Cornwall is very dog friendly, as is the marina we have the boat at so he can have a play and most importantly for him, eat loads of food he wouldn’t normally get a look in at! 

Right now, as we’re all sleeping in a tent, in Cornwall,together, it seems the perfect time to share our camping with pupzilla essentials!

What we’ve got with us; 

One of the best things I’ve bought for taking Flash anywhere is this Curver Pet Travel Kit – it’s two bowls with a food pot in the middle that we use for treats on longer trips and kibble on weekends away. The bowls have none slip bases too so are perfect for camping or sailing. 
We keep a dog seatbelt that attaches to Flash’s harness in our car and there is one in both of my parents cars too just in case. Not only is it safer for Flash in the event of an accident, but it stops him wandering around the car so it’s safer for us too. Usually for long journeys we have his basket on the back seat and him seatbelted in sat in it, so he’s comfy and safe. 
This dog kibble carrier is genius – it rolls down as the food gets eaten so takes up less and less space, and has a dispenser in the bottom. 
Flash is obsessed with this Ikea blanket that I bought forever ago, it’s his ‘blankey’ now. It calms him and makes him feel safe so we take everywhere with us now. In the tent, which is such a strange environment for him, this makes him feel at home!
We always take an assortment of toys but I always make sure there are chasing ones and food filled ones (along with a jar of peanut butter) to keep him busy and entertained.
I know how some people feel about dogs in clothes, but we have a little dog who does get cold easily, so a cute jumper like this one from Dressed by Finn is perfect for night times in a tent. We’ve also found that more often than not you have to sit outside pubs with dogs, so I pop it in my handbag for evenings out as well.
Jim thinks I’m crazy for having a dog first aid kit but taking it with us makes me feel better.
As we camp near the sea and spend a lot of time on the boat when we’re away a dog lifejacket is an essential for our trip. But if you’re not planning on swimming or sailing you could probably miss this off the list! 
This might look like a giant corkscrew but it’s a spike we twist into the ground so that Flash can roam but not too far. It’s really useful for busy campsites where people might not want a dog roaming free and for when you’re preoccupied with things like putting up the tent. I sometimes use it at my Nannans house too as her garden isn’t secure but with a long rope it means he can play. 

Do you holiday with your pooch? 

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