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June 1, 2009 No Comments

Again, the clear blue skies that the weather forecast promised were delivered. This is two weekends in a row. And kind of my first weekend ‘off’ in a while.

When I say ‘off’ I mean no hen do’s or weddings or club nights or events to go to. No plans what so ever {other than seeing the boy, but that’s a given} pure bliss.

So weekend was spent sitting in the sun with friends, planning for the forthcoming trip to Glastonbury – who’s seeing who, travel {like do we get a minibus? Or hire another car and if we get a minibus who can drive it?} and camping arrangements – it’s 24 days to go, the counter on facebook tells me and i have sooooooo much stuff to get sorted, including deciding which jeans to hack up to make cut-off. life is tough.

Then there were arguing over tent sizes {the boy wants a 5 man monster which will be more ‘practical’ or something, I was opting for a smaller, 3 man, easier to carry number, which I am sure would have been just as practical for me, but maybe less so for his 6’3-ness! I think he’s won!} and also bbq-ing. Twice.

We had beers and mojito’s and pretty much all the food we could find {some yummy marinated chicken, ultimate burgers, tonnes of sausages, salads, kebabs, crisps, sweets and cake} and generally threw a few parties in the little back yard at the boys’ place with our friends…..the neighbours were not playing their delightful brand of music this week though, so we had to make do with our own voices!

Then I popped to see my nan, who, having an abundance of eggs {as you do} suggested we make a cake! What an excellent plan. So here I am at work, on a Monday, with a large sponge cake, filled with jam, and topped with cream, strawberries and hotel chocolate sprinkles {no, don’t ask me what she was doing with hotel chocolate sprinkles, but they are amazing!}

Right, now I am back on with the super busy weekends – Oasis at Heaton Park next weekend.

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