BEDN 9 – A Stylish Pooch

Sometimes I get a bit carried away with buying treats, toys and dog paraphernalia for Flash. Well, maybe not sometimes. It’s pretty much all the time if I’m honest. I just can’t resist picking up little fun things for him. It’s got to the point where I’m not sure that I should be allowed in certain shops alone because I always leave with something for him. Whether its a new toy that will be destroyed in a matter of minutes, a new coat I know he’ll hate but need come winter or something that’s really more for the house than him – I can find something for him at every shop. 
And my pup shopping isn’t restricted to when I’m out at the shops. There are Instagram boards dedicated to things he might like, there are lists of things to google, and there are online shops I visit regularly to see what’s new that we might just need!
Here are just a few of the things that I have a feeling might end up in our home this winter, whether Flash needs them or not; 
1. Flash has a habit of snuggling down under blankets and duvets. His basket is covered with them. This snuggle bed might be the answer to his snuggling dreams. I bet he’ll still want to take up 80% of the bed at night though. 
2. As Flash is king around these parts I think he would love his food presented to him like he’s getting it on a platter. This bowl from Love the Sign, with it’s cover, is adorable too. 
3. This Lumberjack shirt from Houndsworthy is just the right amount  of cool for our little pooch!  
4. And since red is his favourite colour (or more like our favourite colour on him) a collar to go with it wouldn’t go amiss! 
5. And to make a matching pair with the bowl, I just love the little dog nose sticking up in the air on this treat jar.  
Dog owners, tell me what are your must have puppy purchases these days? 
*This is a collaborative post but all the views are my own*

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