August Break / Instagrid

I decided there wasn’t a whole lot of point posting the same pics for the #augustbreak on Instagram and here every day, so i’ll be posting them in with the Instagrid party.

1. the view from our other office – it takes forever to get home from this office, but we get to sit and look at this.
2. Flash had a gunky eye, so being new puppy parents we took a vet trip – he’s fine, and they weighed him – 4.1kg.
3. I bought us some new Sheffield artwork. Absolutely love it.
4. The new project I am involved with The Travelling Notebooks {please click and come join us}
5 & 6. Sunny morning walks.
7. Millhouses park at sunset.
8. Sleepy puppy
9. The Broadfield – some might say we go too often at the moment, we say its a great new local.

If you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m ‘ohgoshem’.


    1. Isnt it. I love a good bit of sheffield based artwork. Unfortunately one of our mates has all the really good bits so i have to try & find different stuff so we dont match! X

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