A parcel for Grandmaster Flash

A few weeks ago I got an email, well, in reality it was an email
for Flash, but his smarts haven’t quite extended to reading, or typing yet, so
I’m acting as his assistant here. He was contacted by
Pet Supermarket to ask if
he’d like to receive a few doggy treats. Well, Flash loves treats almost as
much as he loves running after a ball and so he jumped at the chance, and a few
weeks ago he took delivery of a box of goodies. Whilst his smarts don’t include
reading or writing they do include opening post and ripping paper from boxes so
by the time I got home it was all unwrapped but luckily the contents 
hadn’t been opened and devoured! We’ve waited to post this until Flash has had a
chance to try all the food – but I think he’s tested them all thoroughly so, here

His package of treats contained the blue spotty bandana he’s
sporting here. And doesn’t he look dapper, (although it did become a little
like a ‘chase the tail’ game as he tried to figure out how to eat it) The box
also had 3 boxes of food for him to try. Some
Royal Canine Adult Food, HillsScience Adult Chicken and James Wellbeloved Duck and Rice and a packet of meaty
Baxters Allsorts, which are a favourite of his already so he was pretty excited
to see them. 

I think somewhere along the lines we might have created a little middle
class pup. He came to us on a diet of Morrisons puppy food, but now, and I
blame the fact we used the Waitrose weekend newspaper to toilet train him, it’s
Eukanuba all the way, Cherry tomatoes are his all time favourite and he’s a huge fan rocket,
avocado and edamame beans. He’s also quite partial to a bit of Skate wing, or a
handmade burger. On the same note, he’ll eat a dead birds foot quite happily
(trust me, I watched him do – the little monster evaded my grip in the park)
But if he’s not a fan – then nope, he’ll just leave it, or worse still, half
eat it and spit it out somewhere for us to discover later (does anyone else’s
dog do this? Please say they do). 

Which is why we’ve waited a little while to post this to make sure he actually likes the food. And you know what, he does. His favourite has to be the Duck, he ate that one without even the ‘what, no treats’ glance at me I get when I dare give him straight-up dog food, without any fish in it! He liked it so much we’re now debating whether we should switch him from the food he’s on, over to it. The Hills Science went down pretty well too, although the Royal Canine was, I think, his least favourite as sometimes we had bit of it left (unless it was his most loved and he was trying to savour it……) We’ve also had ‘shandies’ of all the food – which he was a huge fan of too.  

The kind people at Pet Supermarket have also given us a 15% off code for us to use – enter BLOG15 at the checkout until 23rd August to get some money off – it’s free delivery too!

*I wasn’t paid for this post, but Flash did receive these goodies for free. 

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