A Christmas DIY Round-up

When your friends know your blog URL it means there are some things you just can’t blog about, which includes the Christmas gifts that you are making them, which when you like bloggging about your DIY’s kind of sucks a bit.  
But in the spirit of the festive season I’ve rounded up some of the Christmas gifts that I’ve made for my friends in recent years for you, in case you need any inspiration; 

DIY Baubles (made as a gift for my brothers Christmas wedding)
Christmas cookie pots
Hot chocolates on a stick
DIY bath bars
Vanilla essence (if you start making this now you’ll just about have time to give it as a gift)
Limoncello (again, you’ll need to get started pretty sharpish)
Amaretto truffles

Are you making Christmas gifts this year? If so, can you share what you’re making or will it give the game away?


  1. I love making Christmas gifts for people – last year I made Rose and Violet Creams, Florentines and a couple of kitchen aprons.
    This year I'm making some mini Christmas bunting (to go round a computer a work) and a Christmas mix CD for a thrifty bloggers secret santa 🙂 x

  2. I have the same problem! Can't blog gift DIYs until after Christmas which always seems a bit pointless. So if you promise not to tell – I'm making breakfast hampers, with homemade granola, jam and muffin mix, and some tea, coffee, muffin cases etc. I've also put together some photo albums. Love some of your ideas here, especially the hot chocolate spoons!

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