A weekend of two halves.

Saturday i spent the day whining that i was super bored whilst the boy did super geeky things on the computer.
I am not used to having no plans. Weekends are booked up months in advance {my next free one is September now} and I am no good at just sitting about. So in an attempt to entertain myself;
I gained a pet {for a while} in the ladybird pictured above.
And made this Cherry and Almond loaf. Its not a new recipe – i made it earlier in the year for the boy, but it tastes just like marzipan with all the ground almonds {and marzipan is one of my main weakness’s in life} and has cherries in it, so it is pretty much perfect and should be made often – especially when ground almonds are just laying about.
And since I had a whole host of going bad {not forgotten!} bananas, I threw those in a banana bread to pop in the freezer for a time when we need cake. My housemate loves banana bread so this will come in handy.
Then later the boy appeased me for his geeking with some delicious Tapas – squid in lemon and herbs, chorizo in tomato’s and chilli, Patatas Bravas and some feta. Delicious.

And on Sunday we headed out or a bit of a day trip to Scarborough.
Now, I used to go to Scarborough with my grandparents until I was about 10 {so, yes, I haven’t been in a LONG time} I had memories of the swimming park and the boat battles in the Peasholm park, and the beach and seasides. But i was met with a sea of chavs in their escorts and fiesta’s, and tacky shops, and a lot of changes!

But we played crazy pirate golf. And rode the little railway. And walked on the beach and ate some seaside fish and played on the arcades and took some pics and had a nice time out of Leeds and in the sun. It was lovely to spend sometime with the boy, just the two of us, before he leaves me in August for his India trip………

Oh, and then we watched the Dutch beat up the Spanish in the football. I could have done with Holland winning for the work sweepstakes, but I still won £10 so can’t complain……..

Hope you had a good weekend too.


  1. Helen, the cake is A-MAZING.
    Not so healthy, but amazing non the less.
    I keep telling myself I need a little treat sometimes, don't I?

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