‘A Lot On Her Plate’ Cookery book review

It’s not often that I’ll buy a recipe book for me, because I’m not the meal maker in our house, Jim is, so I leave the serious cooking and the shelves of cook books we have to him. But last week I bought the most stunning recipe book that I want to share with you. 

Many moons ago I worked with a lady called Rosie at The Leeds Guide magazine. I was in sales, she was editorial but it was a small team and we all spent a lot of time together – mostly in bars in the evening but hey, we were young and going to parties and events was pretty much part of the job (I know, tough life). Since then, Rosie has gone on to bigger and better things, which include writing a cook book. I know, a bloody cook book! How awesome is that?

‘A Lot on Her Plate’ arrived last week and since then I’ve been picking it up, cooing over a recipe page, or the beautifully shot images, then popping it back somewhere within reach for the next time I fancy a little gander!

Once I’d gazed past the images the thing that struck me is that I love the fact that Rosie makes and effort to use cheaper or locally sourced ingredients, which is something we know we should do more of in our house so maybe this will give us a little kick up the bum. And that all the recipes have a story behind them. It’s so much easier to sell me a recipe that involves more than me grilling some mushrooms and toast, if there is a story I can buy in to.

Plus there is a section devoted to snacks and my goodness – I love a good snack! Jim and I recently figured that we spend more money on snacks than we do actual meals, that’s how important they are! And although we’ve not cooked from it yet, keep an eye on Instagram, as I’ll post some images up there when we do!

Tell me, what’s your favourite recipe book? And don’t you think this one is just beautiful?

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