Using chalk paint and a mirror revamp.

I’ve long wanted to give chalk paint a go for ages but it’s just been so hectic around here that I’ve not quite managed it, but with the house move and me mixing up the bits we have in all the rooms, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn to chalk paint. It also seemed like a great chance to try it before I do something silly and paint the builtin wardrobes!

My mum bought me a mirror a few years ago from an auction. She loves auctions. Like really loves them. Her time is I think spent equally between sailing, playing bowls, making cakes and going to auctions. It’s no bad thing as she’s always picking up bits for me. And this mirror was in one of her first auction ‘hauls’. I’ve had it for years now, as it sat on the mantelpiece in our old living room in it’s old gold and black form looking quite nice against the purple wall. But I always felt that it wasn’t very ‘me’, I much prefer silver things and I know some of you might think it sacrilege to paint it, but it’s not my taste so I am doing it!
There are only 2 shops in Sheffield that sell Annie Sloan one never appears to be open so I went to Martha’s Heritage (and for anyone local they were super helpful. They have all the paint colours on different surfaces for you to see and handy tips!). After much deliberating, looking at the various bits of furniture, wood chips and sections of wall painted in the stuff, I went with French Linen. The mirror is desined for the Dining Room which will after it’s many layers of white paint onto the textured pink wallpaper, and it’s wooden furniture, I’m hoping will be a quite neutral, tactile space one day and it seemed like a shade that would fit. I quite fancy having a none waxed finish (for now) so just bought the paint, but this might change!

I’m not going to do a step by step because masking taping the edges and painting a mirror is not rocket science but here are some pictures of the mirror in it’s stages of painting and a few observations. 

The boy in the shop told me to water the paint down in a jam jar, shake well, and do a few coats rather than one thick one. I took his advice because, well, they sell the paint and have a shop of furniture covered in the stuff so I figured they would no best. 

The paint brush I used was not an Annie Sloan branded one. For my sins it wasn’t even a good one, just a smallish one I found in a pot of paint brushes my dad gave us. In the future I’ll be using something better to paint with as the bristles were really coarse and it splattered everywhere! If I decide to paint the wardrobes I’ll buy an actual Annie Sloan brush I think as the shop told me they hold the paint better.

So, here are the pictures after one coat of paint. It gave a pretty good coverage but seemed to pool in the details areas, and as it dried I noticed a few bits of gold peeping through. Also, because of the crappy paint brush it splattered loads on to the actual mirror surface. Luckily for me, it scratches off easily with my nail though. 

After one coat of paint outside, it started to cloud over so I moved to operation to my craft room (yes, this new house has one. I can’t wait until it’s a bit more finished and I can show it you) I used the bubblewrap it was wrapped in for the move as a floor/table protector. I also stopped for a bacon sarnie! Thanks Jim.

The second coat went on slightly easier than the first, and I paid special attention to make sure that I got in all the areas that were showing the gold slightly. Again, it pooled in the areas of detail and worried me by being loads darker and looking slightly ‘oily’ but much to my relief it dried out pretty quickly.

And here you go, 2 coats all over!

And the verdict. I love the matt, chalky, slightly crumbly looking finish of the un-waxed finish, and I am pretty happy with the colour too (although I did think half way through that I had made a mistake as it looked really dark) And I’ve even moved it from the craft room to the dining room, but I haven’t yet hung it as I can’t decide which wall to pop it on, so it’s just resting on the fireplace at the moment.

What do you think? And are you chalk paint user? If so, do you have any tips for tackling big pieces like the built in wardrobes and dressing table? 


  1. I have been toying with using this type of paint for an ladder shelf arrangement I am making for my seed trays and pots. Your post has galvanised me to find a local shop that stocks Annie Sloan chalk paint and try it out! Thanks, Meg – p.s. I came across your blog via Big Blogging Bootcamp and really like the feel of it. The content, but also design elements like the teal green and calligraphy style writing!

    1. Honestly, give it a go, but use a nice brush. that's the best advice I can give you!
      And thank you for your lovely words. I worry that the font is a bit hard to read but I like it so have gone with it!

  2. I think I'm definitely going to take the plunge. Won't be anywhere I can get to to buy in person but I'll order some online and buy a brush at the same time.

    Good to know about the watering down as well!

  3. It looks fab. I found the people in the shop where we bought our paint from really helpful too. P.s its amazing how quickly the paint dries isn't it!

  4. It looks really good. I've been eyeing up Annie Sloan for a while but have decided to go with neon paint instead for the dining room table once I get around to buying some. I really like the look of that mirror though. Very sophisticated!

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