Shut the front door

I’m not sure when the need for a beautiful front door crept upon me. Maybe it was during the hours reading SF Girl By Bay, or maybe it was when I lived in the old vicarage with the beautiful blue door, or maybe it’s just a curse of getting older. I’m not sure, but all I can say is I have no love for our current front door and it’s not a stretch to say that I spend too long dreaming about a new entrance way for this new house of ours. 

The door we’ve inherited is green, dark green, with a scruffy surround, a tatty letter box, a phenomenally temperamental lock with a mind of its own and it also isn’t very air tight, so I can see it being a problem in the winter. But mostly it’s a bit ugly and has me searching Pinterest for the perfect replacement. In my head because the hallway will eventually be black and white and grey (once the yellow and orange woodchip has been painstakingly scraped off, and it’s been replastered, and painted) I think a black door, with a beautiful knocker (stop your sniggering children), would be the most sensible choice – it would look classy and I can see it all trussed up at Christmas with a wreath and the likes, but my heart tells me that a beautiful bright door would make me even happier.  
All doors can be found on my Pinterest board!
What do you think? Go with the classic black that I know will look lovely with my monochrome hallway, or scare all the new neighbours into thinking we’re crackers with a bright and bold choice that will make us happy when we approach? Or do you think these bright door only work on a beach house in San Diego or somewhere? (If so, can I have a beach house in San Diego? Pretty please.)

And then do we go with a simple door or should we go all high-tech and have one of those ones that just knows you’re approaching and unlocks itself or one with a key code on it? This option does terrify me that I’d get too drunk to remember the code but how awesome would it be to never have to worry about fumbling about in the bottom of your handbag for keys again and you’d get to feel like a spy every time you entered the house. Plus with the keycode, if I got  really annoyed with Jim I could just change it……….(no, no, that would be too mean, wouldn’t it?)

*Also, yes, we do watch far too much DDD in our house! This was the first thing that came to mind when thinking of a blog title. 


  1. We inherited a grey(ish) door, pretty much like the larger photograph in the second block of images, it's a pain. It's light enough that is just attracts dirt that I just can't scrub off. We're thinking, whenever we get around to sorting it of painting it a blue shade. We stuck brand new locks and changed the keys on all our doors after moving in as a just in case someone still had a key. I do like that peachy shade you shared, that's really nice and welcoming.

    1. Oh, I loved that grey door – but if it gets mucky quickly, maybe it's not such a great idea! What sort of blue are you thinking? If you go too light you'll maybe have the same issues? xx

  2. I always walk around my neighbourhood admiring all the pretty doors – I'm a big fan of a dark grey or a light blue-green but I'm loving the neon doors you have picked out! x

    1. Those neon ones are amazing aren't they……There is a house up the road from us that's painted in downpipe grey. I swoon every time I pass it. xx

  3. I do love a pretty door, one that makes you desperate to know what's behind it.
    I guess you'll end up with one that fits the personality of your house? But if you're going colour the turquoise ones are gorgeous. I'm decorating vicariously through you so if you could get the woodchip sorted and this new door in place soon so I can steal your ideas that'd be swell.
    M x

  4. Oh Michelle, if only I could get rid of the woodchip and the door right away i'd be posting about it for the rest of eternity but the de-woodchipping is taking forever – bloody stubborn stuff. fancy coming up and helping strip it? x

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