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Well, it has been a while hasn’t it? I didn’t mean to be absent for so long but, well, I got super sick in January and then went on holiday to California, and then life has been a bit crazy since and I haven’t even had a chance to open up this little old Surface Pro. But I’m here now, and I have a whole host of posts up my sleeves. 
I’ve basically spent the last few weeks looking at all the photos that I took on my trip, wishing I was still there, and also trying to figure out all the ways I can share said photos so that they don’t stay on my camera, never to see the light of day again. So, here’s a lust list, that should be titled ‘What to do with the twenty million photos I took on our holidays’ but that’s far too long for the space I have available, so it’s not!
1. I am in LOVE with the Cox and Cox hanging photo frames. I love the effect of seeing images suspended in glass. It just has a feeling of something whimsical about it. They would look absolutely perfect in our dining room. 
2. If I see a photo booth I drag Jim into it, and finally, he’s learnt to point them out to me. We found a fun, automated, photobooth in San Fran in a mini golf venue and it needs a frame. I’m yet to find a good photobooth frame better than the Fred Aldous one. 
3. How cute are these stand-up frames. There are a couple of selfies of Jim and I that I’d love to have on my night stand or desk and this would be an excellent way to display them. 
4. Another frame that makes things look like they’re suspended. I think these would be perfect, as they’re a box frame, to store momento’s from our travels along side a pic!  
5. I love the idea of these simple wooden frames. I bet they’d make changing up the picture within them super simple. 
So, tell me, how do you display all the photos that you take on your travels? Or do you not, are they destined to stay on a memory card forever? 

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