Sew Good

Talking of filling our house with big stuff – for Christmas my parents bought me a bad ass sewing machine. I’ve tweeted to the same effect, but its so clever, it’s actually smarter than me. Worrying, right?

It appears, during the buying process, my dad became some sort of sewing machine expert, and he chose this one not only because of all the stuff it does (about a gazillion stitches, button holes, zips and I think as it comes with a monogram foot – monograms) but also because it’ll sew thick fabrics – like sail cloth. Ok then dad – what are you planning on me making you? Because I can assure you it won’t be new sails! (I might however do something fun with the old sails from my boat though) Can you imagine what the man in the shop thought when my dad rocked up with bits of sailcloth for him to demo on?

This new beauty will help my sewing plans for 2013 – I don’t think that my old machine would have coped with some of the stuff that I am planning* on tackling. Don’t get me wrong – it was an amazing starter machine, but I reached the limit of it’s abilities. I have however passed it on to one of my very none crafty friend who is planning on a foray into sewing.


    1. Isn't it a great stitch…..I just don't have a clue when I'll ever use it.
      I'm super keen to have a go at the monograms though. The shop they bought it from have told me to pop in and they'll teach me all about the machine – that'll be one of my first questions!

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