Puppy Presents – Lust List

Everyone knows that Flash rules to roost in our house. He’s officially top dog. Which means he’s also a bit of a spoilt puppy at Christmas too. I haven’t really done gift guides for this festive season as there are some awesome ones already out there, but given I have been over pinning beautiful pooch presents in abundance I thought I’d share a few with you. 

1. Woodland walking pouch – Yes, I know, this isn’t really for Flash, but hey, I want a stylish way of carrying his poo bags and he knows that, so he’d be ok with it I think. 2. Nina Ottosson Tornado toy – Flash is pretty clever and needs a lot of brain training so we’re hoping this interactive toy might keep him occupied for a while. 3. Octopus toy – Plush toys don’t last long in our house, but ropes ones are perfect for us, and I love the look of this little cutie. 4.  Diamond Plate Ball – Balls are another thing that we seem to power through. The green fluff gets stuck in Flash’s teeth and the rubber insides of tennis balls get EVERYWHERE. This one is minty fresh and fairly hefty. 5. Free People Fairisle Sweater – how cute is this jumper? What dog wouldn’t need it to add to his growing list of wardrobe items? And look at that face – can I have the puppy too?

I know I am not the only crazy person wrapping their pets up presents for Christmas……What are you buying yours? 


  1. We always buy our kitties presents although saying that they are rarely ever interested in the "toys" designed for them and more into the boxes and wrapping paper. So we normally just go along buying some fancy treats for them.

    Love that doggy coat though, that is adorable!

  2. Flash was much more interested in the wrapping paper too last year. Maybe a company ought to make a killing selling 'pet presents' of fancy wrapping paper boxes 😉

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