A lust list for February

It’s that time of year again where I dig through my snowboarding gear trying to decide what I really need to replace and what will survive another holiday. Or where I look at my bank balance and see what I have in there and figure out which of the items i need can make it beyond my lust list! 
1. These mountains ceramic pots from NATKO apparently sell out super fast so it’s amazing that there is one on Folksy for sale. Get in there quick if you want it! 
2. I can not for the life of me find my snowboard mitts. I mean I might not be looking as hard as I would be if I hadn’t fallen in love with these trigger mitts from Celtek. I’ve had mitts with the first finger free before and they make doing up your bindings so much easier! And make taking photos easier too! And don’t they look awesomely freaky too! 
3. This mountains bangle is just perfect. Maybe beyond perfect. Dainty. Subtle. Cute. (Oh and expensive – but we can get over that for this much pretty can’t we?) 
4. The mountains are calling and I am definitely going to go. I adore the detail in these hand stitched hoops from Snowbird Artworks. It just blows my mind how stitching on that script can be so perfect! 
5. These slipper have been on one of my pinterest boards for ages, and they flitted on and off my christmas lists too. They’re basically a down jacket for your feet. I’d just have to figure out how to stop the dogs from chewing them as at the moment my £6 supermarket slippers are looking a bit worse for wear! 
What is on your must have list at the moment? What can’t you live without this month? Tell me, so they might make it to my lust list too! 

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