Pay It Forwards

I started my Pay It Forwards making stint this week. {That new sewing machine of mine is definitely getting a good work out.}
The first home-made something is for my good friend Sam. She doesn’t have a blog – but she is on twitter {!/vogue_ismybible} and is definitely worth checking out if you do the whole tweeting thing.  
So, Sam and her boyf just bought a new house. Their first house. They moved in on Monday and I cant wait to see it. It’s also her 30th birthday this Saturday. And with the new home acquisition I thought she might like a little apron to brighten up her new kitchen. 
After some researching on pinterest and a bit of googling I found this tutorial from Simply Modern Mom, {the high numbers of pictures appealed to the sewing amateur in me.} But I thought I might embellish it with a little bit a twist, because you know, I dont want to start simple – So, I made the waist band loads bigger {just because I fancied it} and I added a wrap round tie thingy, so that it now ties at the front {just by making the ties longer} and added a felt pocket too. 
I know, I know, I should have taken photo’s as I went along, but I got all engrossed into the project and, well, the light in my room is awful at night, so they’d have been rubbish anyway. 
It was pretty simple if I am honest – I just made sure I had the tutorial open all the time – I did get cocky and thought I could ‘wing it’ and nearly went wrong and had to unpick the tie wraps. Ooooops. 
I also made the slit the apron went into too long {from not reading too closely} and so there aren’t as many ruffles as I would have liked. 

But having said that – I am pretty pleased with it – it is only my second sewing project after all. 
I hope that she likes it. 


  1. It looks lovely – well done! I decided I want to learn how to sew this year, tho that may be a bad choice as I will prob have to buy a sewing machine (more £££!)

  2. Its not got to be pricey.
    Mine is the John Lewis Mini. {}
    It's not very big but it seems to be coping with my BAD sewing…..

  3. um, i LOVE this apron! i just know your friend will, too. i need to learn how to sew so i can make this…haha!

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