Party Planning

I just blogged this at my 29things blog, but my party invites arrived from Moo and I got excited. 
I love them. 

I created the images for the from and back in photoshop using the size guide templates on Moo. {I am not very talented in photoshop, but I can do enough to get me through a day, so it’s ok for me} I then uploaded them to the site as a front and back image. It’s super easy to do. 

Once they arrived I rounded the corners to make them look more like a liftpass, popped a hole in the top and used a little bakers twine to finish them off. 

I also bought some Glassine envelopes {from Ebay} and made some super cute stickers {also on Moo, as they were on offer} to complete the look; 
I love them. Even if I do say so myself. 
Now I just have to work on creating a suitably tacky space to have the party in. 


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