One Little Word for 2016

For the last few weeks I have been putting thought into my word for 2016 – which completely freaks me out because I swear it was 2006 about 3 weeks ago. The word I will take with me through the year. It was tough for me this time, deciding between a few different words that had very different meanings for me too. 
But I have settled on one that I think will be good for me in 2016 on a couple of  different levels; 
I know that this might seem like one big new year cliche to be thinking about being healthy but over the last 18 months I have descended from being reasonable healthy to being positively unfit and podgy. And I am unhappy about it. I hate not feeling right in my body. I hate not fitting into so many of my clothes. I hate the way it shatters my confidence. 
The last 18 months haven’t been particularly good for my mental health either so this isn’t just about getting my body into a better place but it’s about sorting out my mind too. Getting my mind to a place that I can focus on things properly and I’m not dwelling on the bad. 
I want to get myself into a position where my body and my mind aren’t battling against me. I’m going to be working to sort out my body and my mind – I’m hoping that when one starts to improve the other will follow. First things first I am going to weep a little as I throw out the panna cotta that is sitting in the fridge and then I am going to start looking at the little changes I can make to kick start this life change. 
So this is my word for 2016. Have you chosen a ‘One Little Word’? If so, what is it? 

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