My word for 2017!

So whilst most of the blogging world is over there in the grown up corner planning how you’re going to get on in the new year I’m here having a small breakdown about the fact it’s nearly 2017. In my brain when someone mentions the 90’s I’m 100% sure was about 5 years ago, not half a lifetime ago, so it being 2017 kind of freaks me out! Although I did see a man in a Schott bomber jacket with a velcro logo on it the other day so it could be 1997 still. (Disclaimer – they looked chavvy then, they still do now!)
But one of the things I have been doing to come to terms with the new year is think about my word for 2017. Which might be futile because I realise we might not even make it to the end of January given the current political situation, but we have to think positive don’t we!
Last year I chose the word ‘Healthy’ and lets just have a little chat about how well that one worked out. I mean I’ve definitely not lost any weight unless you count the lump I had chopped out and, well, #fuckyoucancer! Although, and this might seem a bit strange to say with everything going on, but my mental health is in a much better place than it was at the start of the year so I guess that’s one thing I’ve achieved in relation to the word!
But as it’s that time between Christmas and NYE it’s the time to bust out my word for 2017. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. I thought maybe I ought to think about a word that’s somehow related to my health again but the plan is that this will be a blip that’s over by the summer. So, I turned my mind to thinking about what I want to do with the year and what I want to do is gather some new skills and expertise.
So, here is my word for 2017 – Learn
I’ve already signed up to a silversmithing course for the new year, and I’ve seen some Instagram friends in Sheffield throwing pottery with looks loads of fun, I’ve got reading lined up to teach me new skills for work, I’ve signed up to some free online courses. I’m going to spend 2017 discovering new skills and learning things. 
So what are you planning the achieve in 2017? What will your word be? 

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