One Little Word – 2014

At the end of 2012, I chose my ‘one little word‘ for 2013. I was TRY. Which was a great word to keep with me in 2013. I have really pushed myself to try new things, to try and be nicer, to try harder. And I’ve really enjoyed having it there with me. 
With Christmas over and the new year looming, it felt like the time to finalise my word for 2014. 

I don’t quite know when it decided to be my word for the year, but it seems like an obvious one. In many ways. Having started the clean eating regime towards the end of this year, and having lost a bit of weight, I really feel the need to start physically moving more to carry on with it. And if we don’t move out of this bloody house this year I might go crazy. And there are some friendships that maybe I need to move on from too. So, there we have it, my ‘one little word’ for 2014. 
Do you take part in one little word too? If so, what is your word? 


  1. I'm still thinking about mine. I had "Proactive" for 2013 and it certainly pushed me to do more, but I am thinking about something along the lines of "Open" for 2014. I think I need to work on not trying to control everything and be open to the direction life is taking me. 🙂 x

  2. I'd like to say 2014 was a "move" word kind og year for myself, hopefully to move out of this apartment. I have issues about this place – more the management of it/lack of space that really gets at me and buries into my mind and yeah. To move out would be delightful – hoping this year is the year!

  3. I've never done OLW before, but having read so much about it in the last month, i think it's a super idea but i can't decide between cozy and remember, cozy because i want to really work on our home this year and remember because i want to start using my camera more, blogging more consistently and start converting my box of memorabilia in to scrap books… hmmm, i think it might have to be remember!

    Good Luck with MOVE, I hope your 2014 is fun laughter and movement.

    Cate, x

    p.s. yummy looking amaretto cake!

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