Not the news we were hoping for!

Well, here’s a post I never thought I’d have to write.
Or hoped I’d never have to write, at least.
We’ve had the news my cancer is back.
Maybe it never left. We’re not sure yet.

There are have been so many scans, and doctors appointments where they requested more scans, of late – CT scans, and Bone and PET scans that have made me radioactive (but didn’t give me superpowers or make me glow). All these tests have finally told me that the pain I was experiencing in my chest when I did things like breathe, wasn’t me just being paranoid.

There is cancer in my sternum, in the bone, eating away at it, (don’t google what does bone cancer look like – trust me, it’s not pretty!) It’s also in the tissue around the bone too. And, for those of you following our travels earlier this year, I also broke said sternum whilst snowboarding too.

But it’s not in my organs or my lungs so that’s a positive!

We’re still figuring out what this means for our lives, and my team are still figuring out my treatment plan. I’ve got to have some biopsies on the cancerous sites to figure out exactly what type of cancer it is so they can plan the treatment. We need to know whether it’s the original breast cancer that has got past my initial treatment and found it’s way to the bone – It’s super close to the site of the original cancer so it could be, or whether it’s secondary cancer. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed for the former, please. There is also talk of cutting out the bone where the cancer is, which quite frankly just sounds gross. And painful.
And whilst this wasn’t the route I was planning on my 2018 taking, it’s the route we’re on, so after some tears, and some drunken nights, you can be sure we’re not going to take this lying down. Cancer has picked the wrong people. Again!

(And it means I can legitimately use this cake topper again! So you know, silver linings!)

P.s. I’m sorry if we’ve not given you this news ourselves. We’re still processing it.

P.p.s. if you’re thinking of sliding into my DMs telling me to go vegan, give up sugar, eat kale or to push seeds on me to cure this cancer, don’t bother. If my onc team suggests it, I’ll do it, but I’m not taking the advice of an internet ‘health expert’. I don’t think turmeric will help either. K. Bye!

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