Nope, not ‘over it’ yet, soz!

About a year ago, when I first
got diagnosed a friend of mine pointed me to the twitter account of someone who’d
had a brush with BC a few years ago,  they
told me that it hadn’t been serious and that they couldn’t believe that this
person was still ‘going on about it’. 
And I’ve had these words in my
head of late. It’s been a year since this all started. It’s been a 2 months
since my treatment finished. It’s been so long – surely I ought to be over talking,
thinking, posting about cancer by now. I’m pretty sure that’s how people around
me must feel. It’s how I want to feel sometimes. 
But just so you know I’m not over
it. And unfortunately for you, there are words swirling about in my head now as
I come to grips with carrying on life post treatment.
 So I won’t apologise for the upcoming cancer
posts. I won’t say when they might stop. Because I just don’t know when this
will stop affecting me. And I certainly won’t stop telling people what happened
because if by posting I can encourage one more person to check their boobs, and
maybe help save a life, it’s worth annoying people online. 
Plus, I’ve still got a list of stupid stuff people said to me during treatment, and the joys of IVF
and Tamoxifen to tell you about!You wouldn’t want to miss that would you!

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