Cancer: My 6 month scan results are in!

Last week, a week ago today, in fact, we got my 6 monthly scan results. And they were pretty bloody brilliant.
My scans were all stable. Which means the treatment I am on is keeping my cancer at bay. Nothing is growing in my sternum is getting bigger, nothing is springing up anywhere it shouldn’t.
Stable. It’s basically the best word we could hope to hear. It’s the one we’re all waiting for!
But as great as it is to hear this word, it doesn’t mean that treatment gets to stop. No, far from it. I’ll still be going to the hospital every 3 weeks for my IV infusions of Herceptin and Perjeta. I’ll still be having my denosumab injection every 6 weeks, and my Zoladex injection every 4 weeks. I’ll still be taking my letrozole tablets every day. And I’ll still be living with the knowledge that a good timescale for an individual metastatic treatment to work is about 18months.
But for now, we’re just rejoicing in the fact that everything is stable and this treatment is working! Oh, and cracking open a bottle of champers every now and then to celebrate it!

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