Mint Chocolate Biscuits

The other week I was talking with a friend about treats we ate when we were kids – when cupcakes were fairy cakes and there was no Pinterest to shame us all for our baking skills. I was telling my friend about these biscuity, mint treats my mum used to help us make for parties and the likes and she implored me to get the very simple recipe from her, so I did. 
Here it is………and it’s still as good as it was when I was little! 
I’ve not re-written the recipe as I kind of like that this is what came through from my parents on email – it’s a photo of the page that came out of the little ringbinder my mum stored her recipes in. 

They are so simple to make – no baking, no mess, just great, minty, chocolatey results!

I made them for the WI and they went down wonderfully, but I made sure I saved a few for this post – there should have been more of them to photograph but I forgot to mention to Jim the purpose of the ones I’d left at home and he’d devoured my props before I had the chance to snap them…..oops! 

What did you make as a child? And are they as good now you’re a grown up?


  1. It's not something I really do that often but I might steal the little binder my mum kept her recipes in and make some more. x

  2. they are – although completely bad for you……baking on WI days is the way forwards as they take most of it off our hands!

  3. They look like homemade viscounts, remember those?
    I loved making coconut ice with my nanna as a little 'un but haven't made them since. I need to get on that.
    And handwritten recipe <3
    M x

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