Recipe – A winter warming amaretto and apple cocktail

Happy Dryanuary suckers! Stop reading now if you’re giving up the booze for the month, because this will make you want to quit that crazy idea and have a tipple!

Over new year Jim’s sister, Jane, introduced me to my new all time favourite hot tipple – it’s hot apple juice with Amaretto and cream. It’s just the tastiest and most simple cocktail there is (and yes – i’m classing it as a cocktail because the cream is the 3rd ingredient!) but it looks awesome too.  

What you’ll need;

  • 200 ml of hot apple juice
  • 150 ml amaretto
  • 200 ml of double cream, whipped
  • Cinnamon sticks and cinnamon to decorate

What you need to do;

  1. Heat the apple juice in a pan, but don’t bring to the boil. 
  2. Whilst the apple juice is heating up whip up the cream (add a little dash of amaretto to the cream for an added kick!). 
  3. Once the apple juice has heated up, add the amaretto and mix them together. 
  4. Pour the hot apple and amaretto mix into a glass and top with the whipped cream. 
  5. Dust with cinnamon and a cinnamon stick before serving. 
  6. Serve hot and mix together whilst drinking. 

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