Lust List – The Turquoise Edition

If there’s a colour I’d like people to see and think of me, it’s turquoise. I flit between wearing too much of it and not enough (mostly because I’m wearing hot pink) but I always come back to turquoise. And sunny spring time just makes me want to wear it more. Here are just a few of the turquoise-y bits I’m lusting after right now. 

1. I’m so pasty at the moment (all the time really) and a little bit of a tan is always needed, but I am a bit of a fake tan idiot, this stuff, I’m told is fool proof. 2. I’m so in love with these crocheted necklaces from Fickle Craftroom, the beads just make it more special! 3. Turquoise nails that look like mermaids. Yes please! 4. The comfiest flipflops I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had a lot of them) have all been Reef. They just make the squigiest soles and softest toe posts! 5. I have one turquoise ring, but I am a sucker for a stacking ring and this is stunning! 

What’s the colour that sums you up best? And how do you best like to wear it?  

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