Lust list – new commuter style

If you read my commute post during blog every day in May you’ll
know that for the last 10 months I’ve been driving a 70miles a day round trip
to work. But that’s all about to change. I’ve been lucky enough to land myself
an amazing job in Sheffield city centre. No more massive
commutes for this lady – in fact I can walk it in under half an hour and cycle
it in way less and there are a couple of different bus routes I can get!

And with a new commute there comes new commuting essentials to cover all eventualities;

1. I am massively in love with these Frends headphones. Just
look how beautiful they are. Walking, cycling, riding the bus – they’d be perfect 2. If I am bussing it I’ll need a holder for my bus pass, this Tovi Corri one is stunning. 3. I have wanted a bike for forever. In my dreams I have this Bella bike from Beg. My bank account won’t quite stretch that far though. 4. As it’s coming up to winter, there is no way that I won’t need an umbrella is there.  5. If I get the bike, any bike this nautical Bramble and Mr Twigg handlebar bag converts into a handbag. 

What are your commuting essentials?


  1. Congratulations! I know how tedious a long commute can be so you must be hugely relieved that's over. Lots of luck in your new role! x

  2. YAY! Congratulations on your new job and hooray for living close to work–as someone who lives five minutes away from her office, I can attest to what a treat that is. So happy for you! xx

    1. I am very excited. It's been a few years (5 eeek) now since I've had a walking commute. I don't think a Sheffield commute will be as beautiful as your Sarasota one! x

  3. Those headphones are just gorgeous. And bikes like that make me wish I could ride…!

    (oh, and ps congratulations again! ;-))

    1. What? You can't ride a bike? Sure you can.
      And aren't they. Although for the £100 price tag they should be.
      (thank you) x

  4. I have only just stumbled across your blog but I am in love, and have probably spend far too much time reading all your posts rather than applying for jobs so I can join you in your successes! (: Possibly one of the nicest bikes I have ever seen, and a far cry from my 10 year old one with sparkly breaks, because I was just that cool back then…x

    1. Aw, thank you. Don't go far as back as October and read my 'dole' posts or they might push you over the edge 😉
      Isn't it just dreamy. One day, one day maybe I'll be able to afford one like this. x

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