Lust List – May Must Haves

With the return of some sunny weather, admittedly last month, and the promise of some more at some point this summer I’ve started pinning none snow related things with a vengeance. I don’t have the bank balance to buy all the things I’ve been pinning but it’s always fun to dream of stuff I really don’t need, but WANT this month!   

1. I recently got introduced to these little Lumie LED lights – perfect for on the go photographing – food bloggers love them and watching the video I can see why! 2. It’s summer. I need St Germain in my prosecco/gin/juice! 3. I came across these awesome Bezels and Bytes wrist bands to hide my fitbit in! I don’t wear much gold but I’d make the swap for this double wrap number! 4. Oh my god. Liberty Topsiders. Just YES! (And I have become a horrible cliché. But meh. For shoes this pretty I’m not bothered!) 5. New hair – I’m so in need of a hair revamp and I love this type of colour! I believe, if I’m going to be all up to date with stuff, it’s called balayage but whatever it is – I like it. Not as harsh as straight up stripy highlights could be on me, but a colour for summer and something to hide those dreaded greys! See you at the salon!

What have you got your eye on this month?

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