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We’ve finally found a house we like, had our offer accepted and touch wood everything will go smoothly and some time, early-ish next year we’ll have a new house. Admittedly a new house that needs a LOT of cosmetic work (think pink dining room, yellow hallway and orange bathroom). But finally there is a real reason to my excessive pinning, even if it might be a while until I can realise my decorating dreams. 

One of the rooms I can’t wait to get started on is the living room. Our current room, even though I painted it, isn’t really very me – its cream and purple. I did it to match the purple sofas that were here when I moved in. They certainly will not be coming to our new place and I can’t wait to go sofa shopping. So, here are just a few thoughts on our new living room. 

1. This sofa is just stunning. Sometimes I worry that I like the colour grey too much and then I see things like the Alston Zurich sofa from Rodgers of York and I realise that my love is justified – they do a version with wooden feet that makes my heart sing a little bit. In fact there are loads of dreamy sofas on the site and I like I might need a bed from them too.
2. I am pretty much sure that every room in the new house will have something from Southwood Stores, and this Memphis cushion is the perfect amount of turquoise. 
3. What is a room without a beautiful smelling candle
4. How cute is this little side table from Loaf? Greys and wood go perfectly too. 
5. And how could you not want, need, love this little puppy lamp from John Lewis?

Jim thinks I am crazy to be thinking of designing a room around a sofa, but it’s perfectly normal, right? Just look at my grey sofa dreams; 
All Pins are from my ‘Home‘ Pinterest board.
This is a sponsored post from Rodgers of York.


  1. The top left picture = want everything! I love my grey sofa, I kid myself that because it looks chic, the rest of the living room does (although piles of books and magazines on every surface doesn't generally equal chic!)

    1. If even one part of my living room looked chic I think it would carry the rest of the room too. You are very very right to let it carry the rest of the room 😉

  2. I ditto the love for the sofa, I long for a house that has a room to throw my stock in so we can actually having a living room, that is just a living and not cluttered!

    1. I can not wait to move so we have some more space for all our stuff (and jims crap)- it'll mean I get a craft room too!

  3. Hi em I just found your blog and its absolutely amazing!:) I live in sheffield too, seems like that is the place to be!

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