Lust List – October.

I know people are mourning the loss of the sunshine, but for me it’s never a bad thing. It means I can start dreaming of the snow again and everything it brings with it.

We have so many weekends away this winter, and the one thing that I’m missing is a decent weekend bag. I love this Dakine print! And i think I love this striped Volcom tee print even more, especially if you see the back – the stripes don’t line up (which if you’re ocd, you might hate but…..). I’m so, so out of shape these days that I worry when I get back on the mountains it’ll be a proper struggle – I’m going to be hitting the 30 day shred and I’ve got a snowboarders yoga programme to start too, but I think that a Balance Board might be needed to sort me out too – get my knees used to it all again . I’m not entirely sure what drew me to them, but I think I might love these boots. Half board boot, half trainer. They’ll be perfect for winter walks to work and round resorts. My Nixon watch is one of my every day essentials, but being silver you can’t wear it with golds – is it extravagant to have a watch for every occasion? No? I didn’t think so either……

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