Lust List – Autumn Style

I don’t know what it is about September but it has me wanting new clothes more than any other time of the year. Maybe it’s some sort of residual ‘new school gear’ hangover, or maybe it’s just because I love cosy clothes. Cosy clothes mean it’s nearly winter which means its nearly snow time! 
And whilst I really shouldn’t have my eye on new clothes, what with all the stuff for the house we need, there are some bits that I just really, really can’t get out of my mind! 
This Seafolly waterproof from Seasalt has been on my ‘need’ list for such a long time – walking to work every day during winter is probably going to be a bit grim so I think it’s about time I treated myself to it don’t you? And this cute blue is just so me. It’s no secret that I have a converse problem, but some times they just don’t cut it in the winter. I’ve been looking for some all round casual boots for a while and I love the pop of floral on these from Brakeburn. I’ve pretty much lived in a little denim dress this summer so updating it for winter with this longer sleeved number , paired with a thick pair of tights seems like the sensible thing to do don’t you think? This Burton cardigan looks so slouchy and comfy I think it’d be perfect to throw on over a pair of skinnies and a t! And well, a beanie is pretty much uniform as soon as it starts getting chilly! Now if only I had the budget to buy some of it. 
What have you got your eye on this autumn?


  1. That coat is amazing, I want one for myself. Hats always seem to top the list of things I buy going into winter. The Woolleyer the better

  2. I actually had to stop buying hats for a while as they were taking over my life – but last year I bought one (just the one) and this year I might buy another. You can never have too many beanies can you?

  3. The cardigan arrived today and it's amazing.
    I've got a couple of pairs of fleece lined cons for winter but the vans sound great. Can't wait to see them.
    And yes – new tights. Loads of them. All of them. x

  4. Ooh you've made me want to go winter wardrobe shopping now! It is unusually warm in Bristol at the moment so haven't really been thinking about it. I really need some winter boots! I can never find any that last long enough to see more than one winter.

  5. Winter boots used to get me every year – I've invested in a couple of pairs now and they seem to be lasting but I was a sucker for buying a couple of pairs of cheap 'fashion' boots and then lasting a few months only to be thrown away, then I'd forget and do the same the next year! I take a long time to learn lessons it would appear!

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