January Lust List

Any one who has a birthday near Christmas will tell you that there are advantages and disadvantages to them being so close together. On the plus side you can get some awesome joint presents (case and point being my new DSLR from my parents!) but then on the other side you have people asking what you want and you’re never sure because you’ve maxed out all your wants over Christmas – First world problems or what right? 
But I thought with a January birthday coming up I’d put some thought into what I might still really need/want/like for my January lust list – hint hint! 
January lust list
1. I’m in real need of an every day necklace, one I can wear all day, every day and go with everything. I have one I love with stars on it from H&M, but being H&M it’s all tarnished. I love a lot of the Dogeared stuff but this infinity symbol is just too cute! 
2. It’s a bit nerdy but I could really do with a nice backpack – Years ago I had a JanSport one just like this but it was left at a party and I still miss it – the leather bottom is perfect too! (I technically do have a backpack but I lent it Jim a few years ago and well, it’s not mine anymore!)
3. The perfect pair of skinnies. Although I am yet to find this holy grail of jeans – my Zara ripped ones are pretty close so I might have to try all their jeans until I get some more that fit in the same way! If you have any tips on mid priced skinnies that don’t stretch massively, please share! 
4. I adore this cute tunic from Topshop. It’d be perfect for thick tights and bundling up under coats this winter but great for spring too! And stripes! Yes!
5. My ‘go-to’ blusher used to be Benefit’s Dandelion and somewhere along the line I stopped wearing it – probably when I got skint! But as part of my ‘make more of an effort with me appearance’ thing I’m thinking I ought to bust some back out again!

What have you got your eye on this month? Anything or are you all ‘stuff’d’ out after present day?


  1. Ooo Benefit blushers are a bit of an addiction. They seem to last forever as well, which makes me feel better about spending that little bit more on them. 😉 x

  2. I love that Dogeared necklace. I have a necklace from them (a make a wish one) and I need to get it repaired so I can wear it again. I love how simple and elegant it looks.

  3. Isn't it lovely. And only £35 quid I think. And do look at benefit – i also like hoola for the summer so if you have an aussie tan it might work for you!

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