is for Feathers & Facinator {& Fingers that are stuck together}

I made a start on the navy blue feather fascinator that I wanted to accompany my dress for a friends wedding later this month.I’d seen the perfect one by Ban-do, but it had already been snapped up, so I thought I might give it a go myself. 
The hairband cost me £3 from Claire’s Accessories {it had a stunning little bow on it that I made sure to cut off}. The feathers, after searching high and low for them, I managed to pick up at the local haberdashery – 90p for 6, and I had a little piece of black felt lying about that I used as a backing.

So, here’s how I made my Ban-do;

1.       I cut a rounded teardrop shape out of the felt,
2.       and then I smeared one side with ‘no more nails’.
3.       I quickly arranged the feathers on the felt
4.       And carefully pushed them down. Trying not to get the glue through the feathers that sat on the top.
5.       Next I left it to dry for, well, since I am impatient, all of about 10 minutes.
6.       Now I cut a smaller piece of felt to stick on the back of this piece, just because it felt a little flimsy and I wasn’t sure how it would stand up to being bent alone.
7.       I glued this piece on to the back of the other piece of felt – the one with the feathers on – with more ‘no more nails’.
8.       Now I cut some smaller strips of felt and put a delicate blob of glue on either end.
9.       The navy headband was then placed in position on the felt and the pre-glued strips attached over it to secure them on.
10.     This was about the most time consuming bit – I held the strips in place until they had set and attached the headband.

And there you go – my homemade fake Ban-do!
It still needs a few more of the strips that glue the feathers onto the headband as I think it would look better if it folded over my head more, and I need to figure out how to tidy up the end where the feathers start – I have some fat navy ribbon, but I think it needs to be a little thinner, so I’m going to take a trip back to the haberdashery at lunchtime I think.  I also bought a couple of peacock feathers {50p each} I thought I might overlay across the blue feathers but I’ve changed my mind on that and I like it plain {and I have some baking that might require them as a decoration anyway………}

{I would have taken some pic’s during the process but I had no more nails all over the place and getting the camera out seemed like a VERY bad idea!}

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