An April round up and May’s goals

I’m not going to lie, I am kind of glad that April is over. It was a pretty shitty month all in all. But in between all the crap, there were some lovely moments that I’ll focus on so that this doesn’t turn into the most depressing post ever! I made the decision to not pay for my Glasto ticket so that I could spend the money on paint and furniture and cocktail bar equipment and important stuff like that. There was a surprise party for friends off travelling. We had an awesome craft WI meeting. There were many many fun and long walks with el poocharino. I treated myself to Liberty pretties. I started packing the house up only to be told that the move was being put back again (it was March, then May, now June! Gah) I had a visit from a lovely friend over Easter and then the very next week I got to go back to London to see her again! I finally swapped my olllllllld phone for a shiny new one that has an awesome camera! And I had a great review at work which means my plans to buy a cute bike are go go go. 
And now on to May. I’m hoping that the sun arrives and with the I’m hoping the old me will come back, so I’ve put together a few goals with her in mind! 

As you can see by May’s goals, I’m taking part in Blog Every Day in May again, and whilst the last couple of times I haven’t made  it quite to posting every day I’ve given it a good shot. 

Today’s prompt was what is your blog about. And my blog is about me, unfortunately for you lot. Its’s about the stuff I do every day, it’s about Flash (a lot), it’s about the stuff I make (or don’t at the moment, as I packed all my crafting stuff up thinking we were moving), it’s about the stuff I love, and sometimes about the recipes that I try my hand at.  


  1. I love that your blog is about and do hope the move gets sorted this time and properly goes ahead next month. Here's to a brighter May!

    1. Thanks lovely. I hope it all get sorted soon too. I am not the most patient of people either!

  2. Damn the move but make it a lesson in learning to not get mad about the things you can't control. Easier said than done!!

    Bloody love that hamster video. Everyone that's walked into the office today the first thing I've said to them is "Do you want to see a brilliant video?"

    1. I know it is – I'm just so impatient and waiting since November for something that now looks unlikely is very annoying. But Hamsters eating burrito's will surely make it better!

  3. I think those are some great attainable goals for this month. Hoorah for #BEDM!

    Totally sucky about the house move, I know how stressful it can get. But just think how wonderful it's going to be when you finally get there. 🙂

  4. Oh I hear you about the house stuff – ours is currently on ice again because of problems with the appraisal, oh the fun continues! Good luck with the BEDM challenge – it does sound fun!

  5. I'm also doing the #BEDM challenge. Looking forward to reading all your posts.

    Mel's Corner

  6. I'm looking forward to reading your daily posts, good luck sticking at it this time. Love this BEDM thing as I've already been introduced to so many good blogs that I wouldn't usually read. Hoping I can stick at it too!

  7. First things first, sorry about your shitty month!! I hope May brings you much loveliness.
    Now what the dickens is Postcircle and how do I get me some of that??
    I'm going to need to see photos of this mint green bicycle and even better if you can wedge Flash in there too. Not on the bike, just in the shot. On the bike would be barbaric…unless you can do it?
    M x Life Outside London

  8. Just catching up on your blog. Seeing as I managed to get a Glastonbury ticket in the resale, I like to think I got your ticket and will put it to VERY good use xx

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