I thought it might be fun to start a little ‘currently’ post every month. Just a little snap shot of the month to remember what’s going on. 

I saw loads of adverts for a show called ‘Younger’ whilst on holiday and so I’ve started watching it through Hola. It’s great and gives me hope that telling people I’m younger than I am isn’t the worst thing ever! I’d love to say I was watching GOT but Jim’s in India and I’ve promised him I’d wait! Oh, and Community. Who forgot to tell me about that gem?

‘The Rosie Effect’ is this month’s book club book so I’ve been reading that – but I also had to read ‘The Rosie Project’ first. They were easy books to read but I’m not sure how much I enjoyed them! Some other books I’ve enjoyed over the last few weeks have been The Mermaid Sisters, and Attachments – but I just love everything Rainbow Rowell writes! 
I’m also reading Plate to Pixel for an upcoming course I am doing – it’s beyond interesting but isn’t the easiest read! Next up is The Girl on the Train!

Taking Flash for swimming lessons. He’s had a couple of them so far and is a swimming champ. He’s even doing a sponsored swim next month to raise money for local dog charities……You can see him in action here;
A video posted by Grandmaster Flash (@_flashpuppy) on

I know taking a dog for swimming lessons might seem crazy but I need him to be confident in the water for when we’re on the boat! And, it tires him out which is a rare occurrence. 

With the mood I’ve been in of late it’s been all Ryan Adams and Butch Walker! I’d apologise but it’s been great listening!

Cleaning and tiding everything. I find it so much easier to get stuff done whilst Jim’s away! Somehow the mess is WAY WAY less when he’s away! I’ve also been out in the garden. I’ve been trying to prepare the space for the fact we’re getting a new fence and having the tree cut back – so we need some new grass and a crap load of dee-weeding to happen! Once all that is done the space will finally be Flash-proof and we can actually plant some stuff! 

About laying grass. And food Photography props. And how to move to Canada with a dog. 

I’ve enrolled in some gym classes. I’m now signed up to do yoga classes and a body balance class, I’m swimming as much as I can, and I’m doing the 30 day shred when I can! 

My new Kitchen Aid blender. It came as a surprise for me from Jim. And it’s amazing. 
What’s app chats with friends. They make barely any sense but who needs sense? 
Pink nails – even if it’s not sunny outside my nails can pretend it is! 

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