Currently – September Edition

so I did one of these posts in MAY, you know, way back when, and I thought it
was going to be a regular feature but it seems I might have failed at that. But
I’m giving it another go!

is a little bit of what is currently going on around here;


  • I have been watching MIC
    LA – obvz. I love Made in Chelsea and having them all on holiday together was too much to miss! Jim loves it as much as me. We were a bit gutted sitting down to watch it last night only to realise it had finished. 
  • OnceUpon a Time – I read about this show on Jessica’s blog a while ago and finally I’ve got round to starting it. And OMG I am a bit obsessed. I’ve been binge watching it for weeks. I have the biggest crush on Hook. And his relationship with Emma Swan might just have taken top spot over the Angela Chase/Jordan Catalano love affair (if you’re unfamiliar with these people I am not sure we can be friends!)  
  • MrsHemmingway – on the recommendation of Siobhan I picked this up. I am a huge fan of Hemmingway but knew relativity nothing about his life. I loved this book told through the lives of his wives!
  • Ina dark dark wood – I got sent some of these for my book club to read! It was really easy to read and I loved the twist in it too. 
  • Our newly, nearly finished bathroom – more to come on that soon!
  • My not so new but still exciting laptop. It still brings me a lot of joy.
  • Neapolitan
    choc ices. They are everything right now.
  • Snuggles with Flash – I love these always but recently they have been far more appreciated than ever. 
  • Watching autumn creep in. 
  • To that amazing Ryan Adams cover of 1989. On repeat since yesterday! 
  • Loads of Gaslight Anthem – because well, its sad times that they’ve split up. 
  • To all the indie my itunes holds. Sometimes I let the computer pick whatever it wants to upload to my ipod (it has to choose because its a circa 2005 4gb badboy) and this time its chosen ALL the 90’s & 2000’s tunes it can find. I’m not complaining one bit either! 
  • I’ve
    been clearing the front ‘garden’ to create some low maintenance curb appeal. It’s involved a
    lot of weeding, laying gravel and trying to tidy up some
    out of control hydrangeas. Any tips on hydrangea maintenance would be hugely appreciated.
  • Planning a Kitchen makeover. 
  • Visiting friends and having lovely times catching up with them. I need to spend far more time with the best people in my life.  
  • How
    to tile outside. Gulp. It might be beyond my means though.Skills wise, and financially as the tiles I have fallen in love with are £££. 
  • That
    gel-shine nail varnish and gel nail varnish are very different beasts!  
  • That no matter how hard you try you can’t always get along with everyone and that some people are just not meant to be friends (especially not the ones who would gladly push you under a bus if it meant it their career would progress)
  • Walking
    flash every evening 
  • Kettlebelling at home now my dislocated rib seems to be getting a bit better. 

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