Day In The Life – #BEDM Edition!

This week hasn’t been conducive to #BEDM. In fact it’s been a shit of a week home and work wise and I figured it was better to not publish anything rather than publish rubbish. So I stayed quiet and figured I’d come back to it when I could. 
Today is that day because all I really need to do is remember to take some photos and update this post as I go!
I woke up next to this face. Jim is in India for the next few weeks and this little fur face has taken to sleeping on his side of the bed in the most adorable positions – he just loves sleeping like a person! 
The walk to work. Yup, I am mixing blue, brown and black today – oh and a bit of red too! 
Chatting menus at work today and looking at these bad boys that I picked up on holiday! I’ve also filled the day by searching for a food photographer for an upcoming menu launch, added content to some websites and planned in an ‘appie hour’. No free food though. What’s the point of working in restaurants if there is no free food? 
I picked Flash up from doggy daycare. He basically shot me evils the whole way home because it was raining and this dog does not do rain! 

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