How to fill a month alone…….

The boy leaves for India on Monday, for a month. Needless to say, I am not looking forwards to it. I am still unsure where I fit here so having him gone wont be easy. 

But the plan is to keep myself busy – I have a bit of a house project on my hands – at the moment, we have a living room that has a layer of watered down paint on it, no carpets, no blinds – no nothing. 
The paint for the walls has been bought, the blinds are sitting in their boxes in the room and the carpet is ordered. I just have to do the work – which kind of sucks, as I’ll be doing it alone. But I guess, at least I get to do it how I want it. And once that room is decorated, there is just the little matter of moving all the furniture in and furnishing the dining room with the beautiful table I have seen. The advantage of the boy being away might be the purchase of a chandelier {every time I mention it the boy says no. But if he isn’t here, what can he do……} I can do all of that with just one free weekend right?

And I have a weekend away to see my prego friend, Sammy, to help with her nursery along with her baby shower to plan, a day booked off work to see Lizzy, her Lion and baby B which I can not wait for and a craft club to organise. 
That’s right I am planning a little crafting club for my friends once the table arrives. I mean, what is the point of a massive table if I can’t utilise it? I just need to send out some invites and hope to god the room is done in time. 

If anyone wants to come and help me throw paint around – just holla. I’ll provide the paint and rollers, and maybe a glass of wine or two. There is some purple paint involved if that helps you decide? 


  1. Oh, I totally understand how weird it's going to be without your OH, but I'm sure you are going to feel awesome about your newly decorated living room once it's done. Good luck.x.

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