House Update: Plans for the Hallway

This weekend I finally bought the paint for our hallway. It feels like a momentous occasion because it’s been sitting plastered, but not painted since the summer and so buying the paint feels like a step in the direction of getting it finished! (In our defence we’ve been waiting for a doorway to be built to create a porch – it still not built, but it’s booked in, so the painting, top floor down, can commence!)
I know what my vision is, and my hallway pinboard  is full if inspiration but these three pictures are the closest to what I’m hoping the end result will look like. 
Our hallway is about the same width of the pictures above, but has a radiator where these have a table, so I’ll probably be fitting a radiator cover instead, and once the extra doorway is put in it’ll be shorter than these inside the house, and it has the same archway details too which I really love. 
I am so excited to get this underway and make the house look beautiful fro the moment you walk in. Here are some of the other things that I’ve got my eye on for the space. 
1. One of my biggest focus’ has been on finding the right lighting for the hallway. I’ve seen hallways with stunning chandeliers and beautiful minimalist numbers and all sorts of things in between but nothing has seemed right, but then i stumbled across this Louis Poulsen light from which is just about perfect for the colour scheme I am going for. I have 6 light fittings to cover though so, at this price they might have to be saved for the downstairs bulbs. 
2. I think i might have found my perfect wall colours on the Valspar site. The grey/mushroom/green shade will be for the bottom of the walls and the off white for the top. I’m going to run a dado rail through the middle of them.  
3. We have a beautiful mirror shop round the corner from the house, Mirror Mad, they make the prettiest reclaimed wood mirrors. I have my eye on a long one that will sit above the hall radiator. 
4.  We had the house rewired last spring and I sent the electrician on a hunt for restore-able floorboards. Unfortunately when he ripped up the carpets he found nothing. Upstairs should really be refloored but carpeting will have to do, and I was hoping that under the the terrible vinyl tiles downstairs there’d be nice floor boards but they are just as bad so we’re going to have to start from scratch. Both sets of the stairs and the upstairs hallways will be carpeted, but I was hoping for wood floors downstairs to make it slightly easier to clean up after the dogs downstairs.  

5. I love this drawing of Falmouth – I think the long thin image will be the best shape to sit above the dado rail and elongate the hallway. Plus it’s of one of my favourite places in the whole world.

6. This Hello Coat Rack keeps popping up on my twitter timeline and because I am so impressionable, every time I see it I fall in love with it a little more. I know it’ll not be the most practical rack – it wont hold that many coats, but it’s just so cool! 
 What are your hallway must have? What am I missing or what should I include to get the most beautiful space I can? 
*This post is collaboration with but all my views are my own*

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