House plans for 2016

I am sure one of the questions
you’ve been asking yourself for the last year is ‘whf is going on with that
house of Emma’s?’*  I know, we moved in
18months ago and I talked the big talk about how I was going to renovate it all
pinterest pretty, and well, I’ve been a massive let down. I basically showed you the newly
done living room and that’s it. Woopty bloody do.

But truth be told we’ve hit one
big snag – the house needs rewiring. I have a beautiful bathroom to show you that’s
fully decorated but is lit by a rope light until the rewiring is done. I have a
hallway ready to be replastered and painted and decorated but we can’t do that
until the house is rewired. I have wallpaper and plans for the spare bedroom ready
to go, but there is no point until the house is rewired. We have a new oven
sitting in the corner of our kitchen waiting to be wired in, but that can’t
actually be done until the house is rewired because it appears we are living
with wiring that was put in before electricity was even invented and it might
all explode if a new oven taxed it a little. I exaggerate. Slightly.  

And if you’re wondering why we
haven’t just done the bloody rewire already – money. It’s a little bit, ok, a
LOT expensive to rewire a 3 story Victorian terrace. But this much fabled rewire
actually kicks off in a couple of weeks and if I can look past the holes in
walls and mess in the house that it’s going to create I can see a house that
will actually look nice. I get to pick plug and light fittings this weekend. I’m not sure how to contain my excitement on that. 

On the list of jobs to tackle
this year are;
  • Get the bathroom lights working and ta-dar, that room is finished.
  • Get the hallway plastered, painted furnished and recarpeted. Small job being as it’s over 3 floors!
  • Redecorate the spare room. Create a guest haven.
  • Sort out the garden – we’re getting a new fence, more grass, a herb planter and a veg area. Once I figure out a way to keep those beastly pups of ours from eating all the veg I’ll be on that one. My dad’s friend is hopefully doing it all for us, we just need to pin him down.
  • Update the kitchen. Again money is holding us back from ripping the whole thing out and starting again but a new paint job, new floor and a new oven and hob should make a big difference!
  • And if we’re going to be REALLY ambitious, lets add the shower room to that list! Currently it’s an empty shell of a room with a hole in the roof. It’s a big job!

So there you have it, if you have
been that person wondering when we’re going to do something to the house (i.e
you’re my mum) you have your answers. It’ll be happening. It’s just happening

*I know you spend your day thinking about me. Go on, admit it.

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