Last month in a fit of thinking I had more money than I did I did something I haven’t done in a while and bought books. A pile of them. And on a random evening with a couple of hours to myself whilst the boy runs about at football I am reading. And oh, my, this isn’t the ending I expected. 


  1. I read this last month on holiday and oh my god, WHAT a good book! I absolutely loved it. Although, as you say, I wasn't expecting the ending… in fact, I was in a train carriage with lots of other people and had to leave to compose myself as they were all staring.

    The film's out soon but I'm not sure about Anne Hathaway playing Emma. I saw the trailer and her accent was a little off, to put it politely. That's the problem when you love a book, the film version invariably ruins it!

  2. I saw that the film was coming out and thats why it was my next read. i didn't want it tainted by the characters/promo's i saw about the film.
    I just checked out IMBD and none them are anything like my characters were in my head.
    Always read the book first I say. x

  3. That's funny – I did something similar recently. I now have about 15 books all waiting to be read. This is one of them. Maybe I'll put it next on the list.

  4. nutty – do, you need to get it read before you see the film. and 15 books – wow do you not feel overwhelmed? x

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