August Break week 3/Instagrid Party

August 17, 2012 No Comments

I’m a little bit behind on posting, but there’s been a holiday to get ready for and some job news so forgive me;

  1. Flash rocking his new lifejacket. 
  2. New kicks. Box Fresh as the kids say. 
  3. In the woods 
  4. We’re defo too old to be in the leadmill. But not for Jamaican lager beers! 
  5. Sunset from Kettlebells 
  6. Puppies. My friend Zoe’s mum has 10 boxer pups. I wanted to
    steal them all 
  7. Cakes I made for a bbq.
  8. We’re trying to get Flash used to his lifejacket. 
  9. My GB themed Graze box

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