Festival Lust List

Last week I received a lovely email to tell me I’d won two tickets to the Wilderness festival through Oh Comely magazine (check it out – it looks so wonderful!). AND it’s only 7 days until we set off to Glastonbury, so I’ve been sat here thinking of my festival lust list – As spare money is alluding me right now my festival going garb will be made up of things I already own or have made! Luckily we already have a tent, an airbed, sleeping  bags and wellies (the important things) and I always manage to pack more clothes than I could ever need, but it’s all those little extra bits that you really want but really don’t need that cost the money!

1. No, no, not the wellies, but that cute little pouch for the side of them. Perfect for storing your hand sanitser and tissues in and a bit of lose change for when you REALLY need another drink but you’ve left your bag at the tent! 2. Our point and shoot is MIA and my DSLR is a bit bulky to carry round at a festival, as I discovered last Glastonbury, so this little Samsung P&S with amazing panorama capability would be just the ticket. 3. I know it doesn’t REALLY matter what booze you take with you because when it’s all warm, it never tastes as good, but why not start with something a little classy in your gin and juice? Or, pre-freeze some of these cocktails and pop them at the bottom of your cool box, under the frozen bag of wine and you’ll have a nice refreshing drink come Friday morning! {what??? Every one knows that Thursday night’s are the new Friday at Glasto, and as long as you don’t sober up, you won’t get a hangover, so a morning margarita is just the ticket!} 4. As a massive fan of the arm party there is no way I’ll be heading to either festival without a plethora of arm adornments. The crafting supplies came out to make a couple of those long noodle bead bangles the other day, but I think a few chunkier pieces are in order to set it off! 5. And as I can’t actually dye my hair crazy colours {wouldn’t that annoy work!} a little hair chalk might do the trick. 

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