Dream Home: A Shower Room Make-over.

Last week, after a particularly heavy day of rain I woke up to the depressing sound of a drip. A loud, heavy drip that put a fear in to my heart as it was coming from the bathroom area. 
Luckily for me, well, not lucky as we still had a drip to contend with, but luckily it was coming from the small shower room we never use rather than the newly decorated main bathroom. But still, the heavy rain had it seemed been too much for the roof to cope with and we had a mini cave in! So now we have the start of a skylight in the shower room, and a wonderful excuse to move the redecoration up the list! 
The rules we had when I started decorating the main bathroom was I got that one and Jim got the shower room. To start with he wanted to create a full wet room but it turns out the room is on a slight slant and the bathroom fitter we had come to have a look at the room said it wasn’t possible so his plans have changed to include a walk in shower enclosure that feels roomy and some low profile furniture that won’t take up much space as the room is tiny! 
Here’s a basic mock up of the idea that we have for the room but we’re struggling with a window and a door that take up precious space. So the plan is to turn the end of the room into a big shower space and use the space behind the door for the low profile toilet and sink. 
I had plans for the room to be grey and turquoise (I don’t feel we have enough turquoise in the house you see) but Jim has other ideas and wants a more natural colour scheme for the room. 
1. follow the natural colour scheme Jim wants, these large Bali Ceramic Tiles, are the perfect shade for what he’s after. 
2. Because the room is so small we have to go low profile with the sink and toilet, but we also need some storage in the room for things that Jim doesn’t know exist like cleaning products. I think something like this combo unit would be perfect. 
3. As I mentioned, we can’t turn the whole room into a shower room, but something roomy like this Walk-in Shower cubicle is the sort of thing that Jim is after. 
4. A big rain shower head is what I’m after for the room and this Leoni Shower Head is the sort of thing I’m after, plus all the fancy hotels have this sort of shower. 
5. As Jim wants to down the more natural route it seems perfect to me to add some wood into the mix. I’m thinking of bringing wood into the mix in the form of the mirror, and the other accessories like this wood and ceramic tumbler. 6. Talking of accessories, especially as they are the thing that Jim doesn’t think of, I need there to be matching tiles for the room. (Maybe not for us but definitely for guests) I love the texture of these ‘Bling’ Towels and the colour is a perfect match too! 
The thing we have to do now is figure out just how much this is all going to cost to get someone to fit it and get me to reign in my spending on accessories! What do you think is a shower room essential?
*This is a collaborative post but all the views are my own*

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