Dream Home – The Shower Room

We’re pretty lucky that our house has 2 bathrooms, well, it has one bathroom and one small shower room with a loo in it too. The shower room is, for want of a better term, pretty shit. The shower is small, cramped, old, only has two heats – hotter than hell and cold – the water is a trickle, the ceiling of the room came through in a recent storm and a quarter of the room houses the boiler. We’re swapping out the boiler this winter so it seems to make sense to makeover this room too. 

In a world with no budgets, this room would be a like something from a boutique hotel, but in the real world I’m hoping we can still install a bit of luxury for the money we have, just maybe not quite as fancy as my dreams! But think wet room style with big glass panels, huge shower heads, recessed cubbies and soft, fluffy towels. 
Obviously I’ve turned to Pinterest for my dreaming (and to help give Jim a bit of inspiration too) and here are a few of my favourite shower rooms;
We’ve never had a wet room before so it’s all new to us figuring this out so we’re open to any help we can get – do you have any advice on designing a wet room? Have you picked out the perfect shower recently? Do you have a top tip for buying tiles? Or do you just love one of the images above? If so, please help us out. We’re such bathroom novices!


  1. I desperately want a new bathroom too, but I'll need to save up a bit more before that can happen. I absolutely love the fourth one down with the round, grey tiles, that one is awesome!x

  2. We are lucky in that we have a pot of money that we can work with for the refurbishments like this, but I'm debating spending less on tarting up the main bathroom and more on this makeover so it's exactly what we want.

    I thought I loved the small tiles too until my friend pointed out that meant more grouting to clean and I HATE cleaning grout 😉 x

  3. Love them all! I'm not the biggest fan of shower heads that make the water fall straight down (are they called rain shower heads or something?), I like the water to come at a bit of an angle. Sadly I can't give any tips as I haven't designing any bathroom. Wishing you luck!

  4. We've got a very large cupboard off our bathroom (used to be the airing cupboard) and I have plans (or dreams?) of turning it into a walk in shower – your post has certainly given me a few ideas! Cheers.

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