Dream Home – Nautical Bathroom

We’re embarking down the route of buying a new house. Well, for me my first house. We’ve found a house, fallen in love and right now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan, but in the mean time I am dreaming about what I’ll do to whatever home we eventually buy. You can see all my other housey posts here.

I am planning a nautical bathroom for our dream home and I’ve enlisted the help of the perfect partner in crime in my dad too – here is a man who is a member of a royal yacht club (amongst others), has anchor buttons on his blazer, saves our old sails for me to craft with and knows every knot possible. He’s the man who taught me to sail so I know he’ll help me naut-ify the room a treat. 

1. Sailcloth chair 2 Boat 3. Mini Modern Whitby Wallpaper 4. Shipping Forecast print 5. Boat shelves

The problem I’ll have is knowing to stop before it looks like a chandlery rather than a bathroom. I have a boat shelving until procured my mum from an auction but would the cleat loo roll holder be too much? Or a blind made of an old sail? How about creating a fake porthole?

And In a dream world I’d have a bathtub that is also a boat. I’ve shown the pictures to my dad, I’ve done my best ‘daaaaaaaaaddy’ and I think he might be figuring out how to make me one. I don’t even take baths (I’m a shower fan) but this would make me so happy. 
All pictures from my ‘Bathroom Party’ Pinterest board. (Some of them go no-where – annoying I know)
What do you think, can you go overboard on a nautically themed bathroom? (sorry, did I take that too far?)


    1. Thank you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed too – although the lady we're buying from hasn't found anywhere yet so it could be a while!

  1. ARRRRGH BOAT BATH!!! Can your dad knock me one up whilst he's at it?
    Gorgeous ideas, that bathroom's going to make a splash… sorry!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. haha. I should have used that one too.
      Maybe I should send him into boat bath production. I'm sure retirement is boring anyway!

  2. All these bathrooms are amazing – I think when you've got lobster pots and nets hanging from the ceiling you may have gone too far…

    Good luck with the home buying, how exciting! x

    1. You think? Damn it. That was going to be my wall covering. Once we get going it might not be me I have to restrain, it might be my dad!

    1. Thank you. What you should be really excited about are the pictures of the bathroom as it'll be when we move in. It's currently bright orange!

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