Dream Home – Kitchen.

We’re in a perpetual state of searching for a new home. And we’re not asking an awful lot I don’t think (a bigger kitchen and more outside space) but it’s proving tough to find in this area of Sheffield with our budget. The fact we can’t find the perfect or could be perfect home doesn’t stop me thinking of what we’d love.

My pin boards are filling up with images of palatial kitchens and open plan living spaces and pretty gardens and beautifully styles corners that I am pretty sure don’t come with terraced Victorian homes in Sheffield.  A girl can dream.

The kitchen is an important part of the new home we’re dreaming of. Mostly because Jim cooks. That’s what he loves to do. He watches cooking shows and buys recipe books like they are going out of fashion. We (he) have cupboards and shelves throughout the house bursting full of pasta machines and meat grinders and roti pans and baking tools and deli style meat slicers and moules pots and specific pasta’s for certain dishes. We also have the smallest offshot kitchen ever. It has no counter space and even less storage. We need a bigger kitchen.

We need one of these kitchens please. 

Even a corner of one would be nice. Please.

All pins from my Kitchen Pin board.
Not all of them go back to their original source, which sucks, and means I can’t credit them properly so forgive me for sending you to Pinterest but it seemed the best option. 


  1. I think we live in the same house albeit in opposite ends of the country! We too have a teeny kitchen – I like your term 'offshot' Ours literally sticks to the dining room with the fridge in said dining room! Cosy! Good luck and loving your pins. 🙂

  2. teeny kitchens are the worst. Our fridge lives in the cellar head as the kitchen is too small for it. And thank you. Pinning home pictures is an obsession of mine 😉 x

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