Dream Home: In the Garden

Our house at the moment has a small, shared, concrete yard with planters on either side. It’s not really big enough for more than 4 people to sit all squished into, our neighbours are the least friendly people on the planet so we try not to be outside when they are and there is no grass at all. Whilst the garden at the new house isn’t ever going to be big, it has grass, and a patio style area too (and an outhouse – complete with toilet! But we’ll ignore that!)

I’m getting very excited about the prospect of having our own grassy space for bbq’s and parties and things, for Flash to play out and for just sitting in the sunshine in. But first, I have plans to make it beautiful. Bright and colourful;

A lot of the colour will come from the plants (hello bright and beautiful flowers), some might require me to bust out the paint and spray cans, and I’ll probably have to call on my dad and the power tools to come visit, but here are some lovely bits that I’ve spotted;

1. Ikea Baggon Parasol, 2. B&Q Janero Chair, 3.Habitat Benny bean bag, 4. Pro Q Amigo Smoker, 5. Occa Home Rattan planter, 6. Toast lanterns.

What are you garden must haves?


  1. All those pics look lovely. I'm no much of a garden person – I do appreciate all the nice flowers etc but I just don't enjoy doing it myself 🙂

    1. To be honest, neither do I. Jims mum however LOVES gardening, so we'll be asking for her help, a lot!

  2. Ah man, having a garden (or yards as you call them over here) is one of the big reasons for us to buy a house. It sucks not having one, especially with how warm it gets here even in the spring. Plus having a garden means we can finally get a puppy too, which'll be loads of fun!

  3. Gosh this is very grown up?! Love the first picture with the steps and all the wall planters though.

    Hey – my new (read: only) plant has made it through it's first week at my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Grown up? I'm planning on painting things turquoise and pink! it'll be a multicoloured dream that makes me feel like it's summer even when it's not! x

  4. I love basically every photo in the montage at the back and I'm lusting after the benny bean bag! Can I come hang out in your new garden please 😉 xx

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