Dream Home – Hallway of Dreams

We’re embarking down the route of buying a new house. Well, for me my first house. We’ve found a house, fallen in love and right now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan but in the mean time I am dreaming about what I’ll do to whatever home we eventually buy. You can see all my other dream home posts here.
Our dream home will have a hallway. A proper hallway with bannistered stairs and pretty floors and period features. Whilst Jim thinks it’s not one of the most important spaces, for me it really will be. For me it’ll be the ‘hello’ for the new home and I have big (if not slightly monochrome) dreams for it. 
1. Jim’s wanted a ‘proper’ coat stand for ages. 2. I love the drawers and shelves on this console. 3. I think it might be combination of the cluster of lights and the shape of those shades that has sold me on this lighting feature. Plus it’d be quite statementy wouldn’t it. I think with all the black and white I’ll be introducing to the hallway a splash of floral colours might be needed, and so will a beautiful vase to put them in. 5. I have been lusting after this mountains print from Southwood stores for ages. Bringing the mountains indoors just has to done! 
The house we’ve found has black and white flooring, old scruffy hall carpet and yellow woodchipped walls. The tiles look pretty cool and are a great feature so if everything goes ok and we get the house, I want to match the white and black with dark greys and white walls – something to hide the mud from the dog, but also make the space bigger. The door, which is just wood will probably be getting a lick of paint, and a pretty new mat And for the lighting I was something statementy – something modern and big.
All pictures from my ‘Office Envy’ Pinterest board. (Some of them go no-where – annoying I know)
And it’ll have to have storage. Some sort of console for us to collect all that hallway crap in to – you know like keys and post and dog leads and that sort of stuff but shoes and coats will be out of sight (i hate that in our house they are everywhere). And pictures. I have the perfect pictures in my mind – I just need to get them printed.  Jim wants a proper coat stand. A fancy one, with room for umbrellas. And I am loving the pink hallway curtains in one of the images above too. 

It’s crazy how you never thought a hallway would matter and then suddenly it’s all you can think about isn’t it?


  1. I love that mountains print. It is so cool. We have a hallway in our flat now and it mostly holds all our shoes and our excessively big coat collection. It is a work in progress though and will get there!

    1. We don't really have a hallway right now – just a pile of shoes in the dining room corner and LOADS of coats at the bottom of our stairs.One day though it will be far more glamorous.

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